Assessor's Office of Normal Township

Assessed Value

Assessed Value x Multiplier

- Exemptions

x Tax Rate

= Your Tax Bill

The Exemptions

Exemptions are specific dollar amounts that are deducted from the Equalized Assessed Value before taxes are calculated. Taxpayers must qualify for these exemptions based on specific requirements for each exemption.

General Homestead Exemption

If homeowners own and reside in their property, they are eligible for a General Homestead Exemption of up to $6,000 to be deducted from the assessed value before their tax bill is calculated. If you meet these requirements and do not have the General Homestead Exemption indicated on your tax bill, please call this office. This exemption continues from year to year unless their is a change in the use of the property. If the property sells and the new owner meets the requirements, the exemption automatically transfers to the new owner.

Home Improvement Exemption

Homeowners who improve existing property (an addition, garage, deck, finished basement, etc.) that they own and reside in, qualify for a Home Improvement Exemption based on the amount added to the assessed value for the improvement. This four (4) year exemption has a maximum amount of $75,000 market value ($25,000 assessed value). Eligibility starts January 1 after completion of the improvement. This office provides a list to the County Supervisor of Assessments every year with eligible homeowners and exemption amounts, so if you meet the above requirements this exemption will be automatic.

Senior Citizen's Exemption

Homeowners who own and reside in their property and who are 65 or older are eligible for the Senior Citizen's Exemption, which deducts an additional $4,000 from the assessed value. Senior Citizens should apply for this exemption at this office anytime during the year that they turn 65. In subsequent years, a renewal form will be mailed to all who receive this exemption that needs only to be signed and returned to this office.

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption

This exemption applies to you if you meet these qualifications:

This exemption freezes the assessed value, not the taxes. If taxing bodies ask for more dollars, your tax bill could still increase.

Senior Citizens must apply for this exemption every year as their income could change from year to year. Application forms are mailed by the Supervisor of Assessments to everyone who has the Senior Citizen's Exemption. Persons who wish to apply for the first time may contact this office or the Supervisor of Assessments Office at 888-5130.

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