Supervisor's Office of Normal Township

Supervisor Office

"Township Government, ... the Government closest to the people!"

I. Welcome to Normal Township

Greetings and best wishes! My name is Sarah Grammer and I am your elected Normal Township Supervisor. As Township Supervisor I perform several important local government functions:

  1. Treasurer and Administrator of all township funds (Town funds, General Assistance, Road District).
  2. Supervisor of General Assistance program.
  3. Chairman and a voting member of the Township Board of Trustees.
  4. The go-to person for all township business matters.
  5. Facilitator and "sounding board" for many township issues and citizen concerns.

I sincerely hope you will find this website both informative and helpful in answering questions you may have concerning our Township Government and its many services. We welcome and encourage your comments on how we may further improve this website.

As always, I personally invite you to submit any and all questions and concerns you may have about Normal Township. Simply call, e-mail or write to me at your convenience.


Sarah Grammer
Normal Township Supervisor

II. General Assistance and Emergency Assistance

The General Assistance Office of Normal Township has seen a leveling off in the numbers of both applicants and recepients of financial aid. In the fiscal year 2013/14, 645 individuals or families sought financial assistance from Normal Township. There were 478 cases in which General Assistance was disbursed and 167 families received Emergency Assistance. $203,234.00 was spent on financial assistance in Normal Township in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014.

Additionally, Normal Township is granting $33,000.00 to the Community Health Care Clinic during the current fiscal year from April 1, 2012 until March 31, 2013. These services are greatly utilized and are so necessary for this population. Many entry-level positions do not provide any medical coverage. If people in entry-level positions can stay healthy, they can stay on the job and can gain experience to become employed in better paying positions.

III. Web Site

Normal Township is "on-line" as has been mentioned. Accessed values are available by address or parcel number at the Assessor's Office section of this web site.

One of the real positives of this service is the accessibility of the programming for the Seniors Program. The program offerings will be updated monthly or as needed. This, almost instant, calendar will provide information to the senior population and to the children of the senior population.

IV. The Senior Citizens' Program

The Senior Citizens' Program has a new name and logo "Seniors' Program".

Normal Township wants all of the senior population to feel welcome at the Activity and Recreation Center, not just the residents of Normal Township. The Activity and Recreation Center is located at 600 East Willow St., Normal.

The operations director of our Senior's Program is Mindy Morgan. She has recently joined our team and is the driving force along with Molly Camper, director of programming, during the programs continued growth.

Our Seniors Program and Advocate BroMenn have joined together to provide health education at the Community Activity Center. The joint venture is called "Seniors for Healthy Living".

V. Conclusion

In closing, I want to thank many departments at the Town of Normal for their great cooperation with the Township.

Also, I want to thank Advocate BroMenn for their cooperation on the new educational series and their continued cooperation, by providing through contract a gerontological nurse for the Seniors Program, two half days per week.

Normal Township is able to function very well because of all of the cooperation from the various agencies in the area.

The Township is running well because of the dedication of the elected officials and the effective work of the employees in all aspects of the township government. This makes it possible for Normal Township to serve its public well.


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